Exclusive Polish Agent
of the fairs:

BIG5 Dubaj, 5-8.03.2018

INDEX_Workspace Dubaj, 26-29.03.2018

GITEX Dubaj, 14-18.10.2018

EXPO Dubaj 2020

Food Africa Kair, 22-24.04.2018

Hotel Show Dubaj, 16-18.09.2018

ADIPEC Abu Dhabi, 12-15.11.2018

Dubaj, ZEA, 23-25.09.2018

Middle East- center of world economy

Arabic countries offer Polish companies unlimited opportunities of development, both in participation in preparing projects and long-lasting trade exchange. It should be pointed out that this direction of development is intensively patronized by Polish government.

Each Arabic country has a lot of things to offer to Polish companies, mainly Saudi Arabia which is a member of the group that associates the richest countries in the world- G20, Qatar which glories in the highest GDP in the world and United Arab Emirates with Dubai that is a center of world trade and finances.

Arabic countries are a long-range direction of development for Polish export as well. It is thought that mainly Polish furniture, building sector, food branch and electrical, rail and medical sector, but also luxury products have a good chance to succeed. Despite world economic crisis, possibilities of Middle East markets are huge- this region is settled by 300 mln potential clients. Taking this fact into account, Arabic countries create many opportunities to find new markets for entrepreneurs from different branches- so huge market is very responsive and diversified. What is more, coming years abound in events that are a great opportunity to come into these countries, gain big contracts and begin the cooperation with new contractors.

The interest about Arabic markets increased quickly because of the granting of rights to organize Expo 2020 in Dubai. It is estimated that World Expo will be visited for about 25 millions people. The existing metro line will be expanded until 2020. The government of the emirate estimates that all realizations connected with organization of expo will absorb billions USD. It is an excellent opportunity for foreign enterpreneurs, not only from building brunch, but also hotel, food and tourism industry. Polish companies will be able to participate in realization of lucrative contracts.

The other reason to become interested in Middle East markets is World Cup in Qatar in 2022. The authorities of this city have already invited Polish companies to cooperate on construction of the stadiums.

The other Arabic country which is planning to intensively develop its infrastructore is Saudi Arabia, that has 300 billions budget surplus every year. It has been already announced that this program is worth 500 billions USD. To minimise disproportions between different parts of the country, it is planned to build 7 cities on its periphery (industrial cities), which will be settled by about 5 millions people. It is estimated that Polish companies have good chance of lucrative contracts, because our professionals and products have a very good opinion in this region. Further investments are connected with building the Metro line in different cities of this country that are large-scale.

Despite development of Internet communication direct contact is the best form of communicating and trade fairs are undoubtedly the best instrument of direct marketing. Organizers of these fairs response to our needs and they give us opportunity to meet dozens of contractors in the same place. The biggest countries of the Arabic market offer a lot of trade events that are a great occasion to interact with Arabic business world where direct contacts are very important.

BIG5 Saudi, Jeddah, Arabia Saudyjska 5-8.03.2018

The Big 5 Saudi is the fastest growing international building and construction show with 88% growth in 4 years and almost 16.000 participants during last edition.

Horeca Lebanon, Biel, Beirut, Lebanon, 20-23.03.2018

Horeca Lebanon is the largest food industry, food services and hospitality fairs in the whole Arab region. This fair is a meeting place for food producers, objects and machines used in processing, packaging technology, as well as furniture and construction materials associated with the development of hotel chains.

Index Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 26-29.03.2018

Index Dubai Trade Fair is the largest and the most diversified furniture and interior design exhibition in the Middle East and North Africa. Exhibitors have the great opportunity to show off their offer in the 20.000 square meters halls.

Workspace Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 26-29.03.2018

Workspace at Index Trade Fair is a part of Index furniture exhibition, that is dedicated to companies that deal with office furniture, workshop furniture and all kinds of assortment used by employers.

Food Africa, Cairo, Egypt, 22-24.04.2018

Food Africa fair provides access to worth $ 3.3 billion African food market. It is an international platform designed for all kinds of food producers. It is visited by thousands of importers, traders, distributors, as well as companies engaged in catering, government representatives and others.

Project Lebanon, Biel, Beirut, Lebanon, 26-29.06.2018

Project Lebanon is the International Construction Trade Exhibition for Lebanon & the Middle East is the premier event of its kind in the region bringing together industry leaders from around the world. This is are very large fairs, which have resulted from the great action of reconstruction of Lebanon after years of war. Project Lebanon is a place where companies associated with each aspect of the construction industry, household appliances and others meet. This is the most important meeting place for manufacturers, developers, architects and people from the state sector. Project Lebanon is recognized as a catalyst for major initiatives and construction projects in the region.

Middle East Stone Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 4-6.09.2018

Middle East Stone is the only event in the Middle East that is dedicated to stone, marble and ceramics branch. This is a platform of meetings with the best global suppliers of building products, decorative products and equipment for this branch.

Middle East Covering Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 4-6.09.2018

Middle East Covering Trade Fair is allocated to the different kinds of floors and walls branch. This is the only platform in the Middle East that gives you thechance to meet dozens of potential contractors.

Hotel Show, Dubai, UAE, 16-18.09.2018

Hotel Show fair is a link with more than 17 thousand customers from the hospitality industry from 98 countries. Every year it is visited by key decision-makers seeking HORECA industry products, food supply, the market of hotel construction and equipment, interior (including the kitchen and bathrooms) and lighting.

Windows, Doors and Facades, Dubai, UAE, 23-25.09.2018

Windows, Doors & Facades is the only event of it's kind in the region. It is the central meeting place for global manufacturers and distributors of window and door products to network and do business in one place, at one time.

In-Shape, Biel, Beirut, Lebanon, October 2018

In-Shape show is a unique opportunity to meet companies from the cosmetic, fashion, health and sports industry. It is a place where you can establish new business contacts as well as become better acquainted with the Middle East market.

Gitex, Dubaj, United Arab Emirates, 14-18.10.2018

GITEX Technology Week is one of the biggest and the most important IT fairs in the Middle East. Many new solutions and IT investments are presented there. They determine the global level of IT branch.

ADIPEC Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, 12-15.11.2018

ADIPEC is a matchless, global platform for professionals from fuel and gas industry that allows them to find business partners. The program of ADIPEC conferences, well-known all over the world, enable them to acquire knowledge and provide skills flow and many oppotunities of cooperation.

Big 5 Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 26-29.11.2018

BIG 5 Trade Fair is the biggest construction and building fair in the region. It provides the opportunity to present the products to more than 35.000 visitors every year.